How to Calm Your Hyper Cat? 9 Useful Ways

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As a feline parent, you must know how to calm your hyper cat!

As cats are popular for their independent behavior, the lord of the house, so it can be natural for us to think that it’s how they are!

But ask an experienced cat owner, and you will that this is not the case all the time!

Every cat once in its life goes through a phase where she gets very hyper at small-small events. If you are here to know, how to calm your hyper cat! Then you made the right decision.

We had jotted down the most useful ways on, how to calm your hyper cat:

how to calm your hyper cat

1. Organized Playtime

Cats like our dogs need organized playtime, if they don’t get that, it’s very likely for them to be cranky around the corner.

They will try to eliminate the pent-up energy by being at places where they shouldn’t, jumping on top of furniture, and getting into trouble. All this may appear as behavior patterns of a hyper cat.

By organizing a playtime, you can help your hyper cat to release her excessive energy. You can play with her at a particular set time, or you can use cat toys/ kitten toys.

There are millions of these toys for cats available in the market, all-satisfying different needs of your adorable cats.

2. Give Scratching and Chew Toys to Your Cat

The best way to release your cat’s energy positively is cat chew and scratching toys. You don’t just need them, you really want them in order to keep your cat healthy and happy!

give her chew toys

Imagine how you would feel if all you got to do in a day is just eat, sleep, and repeat. I know that might sound like heaven to some people but only for a short period of time!

In the same ways, cats don’t like to get bored, they need to get involved in physical and hunting activities to keep themselves satisfied.

When your cat is deprived of such practices, she gets more cranky and is more prone to react actively to everything. To kill the boredom, if you find bringing another pet for your cat, very expensive or difficult you can always go for cat toys.

3. Get a Companion for Your Cat

Many times when you are out for work or with your friends and family members for partying, dinner, outing, etc. You can’t carry your cat everywhere with you, but this makes her feel so alone at times.

This loneliness and boredom develop hyperactivity in your cats, which they project in different ways!

Getting them another cat or kitten will help to focus this energy on their cute companion. Which will keep them busy and happy with a new playmate.

4. Keep a Healthy Environment in the House

Listen up, cat owners, this point reflects on you! Now, many times we blame our cats for not acting right! But had you ever asked yourself, why is my cat not behaving right?

calm a hyper cat

How to take care of it! Cats might get hyper if they feel a noticeable change in the environment of the house. Also, if you keep on changing their routine, they will get super confused and irritated.

Fights among the house also bother the energies of your poor cat. If you fight loudly or make your house a dramatic palace with all sorts of loud noises, cats will get bothered!

Bringing a new pet or changing the location of your home will also kick-start the hyperactivity in your cat. Look out for such warnings and try to keep a healthy atmosphere in your house.

5. Make Time for Safe Outdoor Activities

Every pet doesn’t matter if it’s a cat or dog, requires an energy outlet in order to stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Both indoor and outdoor activities can be helpful for them.

Now, we know that many cat owners think it’s best to keep their cats inside the home, and it’s not a bad idea.

As it can be dangerous for cats to be outside on the roads or in parks, which is also a place for dogs and vehicles. But cats who stay indoors all day would get so bored and chances of developing behavior issues rises. To eliminate this, you can take your cat to your garden or a park.

Make sure to keep an eye on them or not leave them alone even for a second. The other option needs you to invest in an outside playpen.

6. Before You Go to Bed, Feed Your Cat

Keeping your cat’s discipline with timelines is the best thing you could do for them as well as for yourself! Especially when it’s about food and playtime!

feed cat at night

Cats are also known for their nocturnal abilities. They get most active during the nighttime, and you might wake up to new surprises and different types of destruction every morning.

If your cat starts getting hyper during this time, then it’s the end for you and your house!

Consider feeding her before bedtime, It’s said that cats sleep after a big meal! Felines frequently have explosions of energy just previously or before long eating. So if they are constantly eating throughout the day, then that’s a reason for them being hyperactive most of the time.

Schedule the meal time properly.

7. Take a Walk with Your Cat

If your cat spends most of the time, sleeping and eating in your home, then she’s more likely to get irritated and hyperactive than those cats who get involved in other activities.

With maintaining a healthy mind and body, the walking exercise also helps to drain their energy, this gives them a quality life. Now you might think that you hardly saw anyone taking their cats on a walk, though they are not that much enthusiastic for walks.

A small walk of 10-15 mins won’t harm.

It will keep their weight in balance and mind fresh, which will lead to less stress and no hyper cats. However, don’t consider leaving your cats out alone or unattended outside as they might get lost, or worst things can happen.

8. Give Them Room

We all know that cats loved to be alone for most of the time in a day, independence, and freedom are what they crave for most.

give some space to her

We also know that cats being so cute will make you feel like picking them up, cuddling with them, and spending the whole time looking and adoring them. But wait! Cats really don’t like that! They don’t like to be picked up now and then.

By giving them excessive attention, petting, leaving no room for, will irritate her so much!

So you need to take a lot of care about this, make a schedule of play sessions in which you keep a specific time to play with your cat. Let her decide to make the first move, if she comes to you for getting a pet, go for it.

This will make your cat less cranky, and you will develop a very stronger bond!

9. Try Calming Sprays

Cat calming sprays are a one-stop solution for cats who won’t calm down that easily. Many times when your cats start to trouble you unnecessarily by showing too much aggression.

You need to take care of her.

In cases where your cat starts throwing things down the table. She won’t stop scratching or biting expensive furniture even after you had bought cat toys for her. She keeps showing more of such destructive behaviors. You should try calming solutions such as calming sprays before buying one make sure that it contains no harmful or allergic chemicals.

It will help to calm your cat down very effectively.

10. Check If It’s Not a Health Problem

We know how it feels to have a cat who’s not behaving properly, at a certain point you might just feel sad rather than being aggressive. Before coming to any such conclusion or taking the next appropriate and big step, reflect on the other possibilities.

Other possibilities such as, check if you are doing something wrong which might turn off your cat, and hyperactivity gets triggered in her.

Or it can be a health issue! About 10% of adult cats suffer from hyperthyroidism. Due to this condition, an overactive thyroid gland controls a cat’s energy levels.

If you notice, being hyper, your cats also experience reduced appetite, lack of sleep, weight loss. It will result in increased hyperactivity energy, and stress levels which are also Symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Then you need to take the help of medications.


Being a cat owner will widen the bag of your experience in various things. A hyper cat phase is one of them. And we know it can be quite frustrating at times, and the desperation of your levels of how to calm your hyper cat raises to the highest levels.

How to calm your hyper cat? The above-mentioned ways will help you a lot. You have to keep in mind that cats do require mental and physical stimulation. It’s crucial to realize that energy bursts are simply a part of who they are, in addition to addressing any behavioral issues and toxic home disputes.


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